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The hospitality industry has been our passion for many years.
As professionals, we have served the needs of establishments of all kinds – theme parks, tourist attractions, tour operators, hotels and lodging. Hospitality is and will always be our only business focus.

We bring creativity and experience to our clientele, developing operational and marketing strategies that maximize your resources and increase your profitability. Our experts in hotel management, tourism sustainability, project initiatives, tourism marketing, and professional training function at the highest level.
We are in love with our country, Costa Rica, and we proudly promote it in ways that sustain its natural assets while ensuring that foreign and local visitors may more fully enjoy its riches. From small lodges in the mountains or on the beaches to multinational organizations and franchises, we provide valuable services that address all aspects of the hospitality industry.
We are located in San José, Costa Rica, where we serve globally.

We are located in San José, Costa Rica, where we serve globally.


Familiarization Trips

We are specialists in organizing familiarization trips. We choose agencies that meet your product profile, identifying and reaching out to the agents themselves...

Product Development

In addition to helping you develop a hotel from its inception, we are also expert in completing a detailed analysis of your existing hotel to improve its worth and efficiency...

Mistery Shopper

A Mystery Shopper is a powerful resource that can help you become informed about the pros and cons of your product...


Training on relevant topics and activities within the operation of a hotel and other organizations serving tourism...


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